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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chapter 25 Notes

Warm Up for 6-5-13

1. What was the impact of the Haymarket Square riot on the Knights of Labor? (pg 366)

2. How was Carnegie able to defeat the Homestead Strike? (pg 367)

3. What gains were made by the ILGWU? (pg 367)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Warm Up for 6-4-13

1. With men not making enough money at a factory to support a family, how did families get by? (pg 364)

2. What was the biggest danger regarding work in a factory? (pg 364)

3. What is a trade union?  How would they get what they wanted? (pg 366)

4. What was the approach used by Samuel Gompers and the AFL to get what they wanted? (pg 366)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Warm Up for 6-3-13

1. Who owns corporations?  Who makes sure that all of the investment money is being used properly? ( pg 359)

2. What are the problems with monopolies? (pg 360)

3. Describe the buildings in which most factory workers lived. (pg 361)

4. Which two developments made it possible for cities to expand upwards? (pg 361)

Warm Up for 5-31-13

1. Which two innovations led to Americans creating an industrial capacity on a much larger scale? (pg 353)

2. How did business tycoons interpret the meaning of the term "laissez-faire economics"? (pg 354)

3. How was Carnegie able to keep production costs low? (pg 356)

4. How did the telephone advance industrialism? (pg 357)